What we do

Today’s business reality is very different from just 20 years ago. Most business is done online and a large part of it is international: You might order from China, assemble in Germany and sell in France. Due to the internet, markets, businesses, and relationships are more international than ever.

Yet, when it comes to bankruptcies in Europe, the evolution has not fully caught on: Most creditors have a hard time finding out whether their customer has filed for bankruptcy. This is all the more apparent if the customer is located in another country: 27 EU members, 27 legal systems, 24 languages. Finding relevant documents online is difficult. Finding them in English is almost impossible.

On the other hand, there are more investors today that are specialized in turning around bankrupt companies than ever before. Hedge funds, private equity and direct lenders inject much needed capital into troubled companies that otherwise would be liquidated, saving millions and millions of jobs.

However: due to the lack of transparency and availability, most investors are only aware of a small fraction of all European restructurings.

We are playing our part to change that.

We have built a platform that publishes every corporate bankruptcy and translates every document into English. Finding bankruptcies is now easier than ever.

Our goal is to cover 27 European countries by 2026. If successful, restructurings will become more transparent, which attracts more capital, which saves more companies, which in turn saves more jobs.

How we help you

For our premium customers, we have created a game changing way of doing business in the world of distressed-debt:

We help you catch market relevant data faster and more efficiently than your competitors. To do this, we use our powerful technology and combine it with financial and legal analysis. Our customers save thousands and thousands of hours each year that they instead use to generate more business. And: they not only know about a small fraction of all restructurings. They know about all of them.

Debenture First Data

First Data informs you automatically and in real time about current bankruptcy proceedings. We cover every new corporate bankruptcy across the country and over 90% of all corporations in Germany, enabling you to receive a notification even when a company files for bankruptcy for the first time. You can search for debtors by geography, date and size of assets.

  • You want to know if an important supplier of a publicly listed company files for bankruptcy? First Data informs you automatically as soon as the filing is published.
  • The bankruptcy plan of a company you are following is available? You are notified immediately.
  • Moratorium against your debtor? Be the first to know.
  • You want to know, which companies have filed for bankruptcy in Munich yesterday? No problem. With First Data, it is easier than ever.

Debenture Research

Debenture Research gives you deep and detailed analyses on current distressed and stressed situations. Written by lawyers and analysts that are trained restructuring professionals, we work out the causes of the crises, investigate the underlying credit arrangements, and examine complex bankruptcy plans.

  • Looking to buy the bonds of company XYZ? We help you understand creditor’s rights of the securities involved.
  • One of your portfolio companies is in distress and you want to know possible workouts? No problem. Just ask us.
  • Could not find the time to attend a creditors meeting? We share our notes with you. If you want us to, we can attend a meeting in your stead.
  • You are a law firm that wants to acquire hedge funds and private equity as new clients? We help you understand the financial aspect of the restructuring and walk you through the details, so you get comfortable pitching them to handle their business.

As a premium subscriber, you can connect with our analysts at anytime. We provide online webinars, tutorials and calls where we inform on current restructurings. Through the combination with real time information from Debenture First Data, you are always on top of the situations you are monitoring. In a world that is producing more and more data by the day, being able to act quickly based on new information can make the difference between triumph and failure.

We are here to help you do just that. Simply try us out in a 30 days free trial period.

We are confident you will like it.