About Debenture

Debenture is a platform helping distressed debt professionals to synthesize market relevant data faster and more efficiently than their competitors. We use our powerful technology and combine it with financial and legal analyses to create an integrated model of current restructurings.

Debenture First Data

First Data informs our customers automatically and almost in real time about current insolvency proceedings. We cover over 90% of all companies in Germany, so you will receive notification even when a company files for bankruptcy for the first time.

  • You want to know if an important supplier of a publicly listed company files for bankruptcy? First Data informs you automatically as soon as the court publicizes the claim.
  • The insolvency plan of a company is made public by the court? You are notified immediately.
  • Legal enforcement, arrest or injunction against your debtor gets barred by a preliminary insolvency case? Be the first to know.
  • You want to know, which companies have filed for bankruptcy at the local court in Munich yesterday? No problem. Search comfortably in our Database and filter results by debtor, court, date, and more.

These possibilities make Debenture First Data a powerful tool for distressed debt professionals.

Debenture Research

Debenture Research gives you deep and detailed analyses on current distressed debt situations and restructurings of publicly listed companies. We work out the causes of the crises, investigate the underlying credit arrangements and examine complex insolvency plans.

Through the combination with real time information from Debenture First Data we can offer you an integrated view on current distressed debt situations. In a world that is producing more and more data by the day, being able to act first based on new and reliable information can make the difference between triumph and failure. We help you synthesize market relevant data one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Mission

It is our mission to make everyday life easier for distressed debt professionals by saving them thousands of hours of research and tedious manual work. We organize, categorize and filter thousands of publications daily. Hedge funds, banks, debt-collectors, commercial law firms, and corporate finance firm have been our clients since our inception.

We would like to convince you of the benefits of our software as well.

Sascha Zaman, Daniil Fajnberg